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Welcome to Look Natural Hair Transplants at The Plastic Surgery Center, where we offer the first minimally invasive FDA Approved Hair Transplant System.

Look Natural Hair Transplants helps you regain your confidence so you can enjoy your looks again. Whether due to genetics or from other causes, hair loss need not define you. Technological advances such as those used at Look Natural Hair Transplants have resulted in hair restoration that provides natural and immediate results. With the aid of Look Natural Hair Transplants’ special medical expertise and in the comfort and privacy of our own facilities, let us help you achieve a new look that lasts a lifetime.

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21 April 2014

Board Certified?

There has been a big push in the last few years to educate...

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14 April 2014

What Is Neograft?

Modern hair transplantation has been performed since the early 1930s. Originally large...

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hair transplant process

7 April 2014

The Hair Transplant Procedure

Last week I posted an overall synopsis of the process of getting a...

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hair transplant process

1 April 2014

The Hair Transplant Process

Patients are frequently apprehensive about the process of undergoing a procedure like hair...

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24 March 2014

Losing Your Hair?

Often there is a predictable path patients take when losing their hair. ...

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10 March 2014

Do Hair Transplants Really Work?

This is a popular question on the Internet and in our offices. ...

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24 February 2014

Does it Hurt?

A common question we get about hair transplant is how much it will...

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hair transplant effectiveness

17 February 2014

Hair Transplant Results - How Long Until I See Them?

The process of hair transplantation is really quite simple. The hair on the...

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hair transplant scarring

10 February 2014

Hair Transplant Scarring: To Scar or Not to Scar

A very common question about hair transplants is "what the scarring will be...

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